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Quality tapered roller bearings-deep groove ball bearing manufacturer in China -SKET Bearing

SKET is specialized in manufacturing widely range of tapered roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings.

china bearing manufacturerTapered roller bearings are usually used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. They are separable, the outer ring and cone assembly can be mounted separately. Single row series are the most popular tapered roller bearings. Small size double row tapered roller bearings are also be used in car front wheels in recently years, and four row series are usually used in big heavy machineries, such as cold and hot rolling mill.

Deep groove ball bearings are the most representative and widely used rolling bearing in the word. Deep groove ball bearing's raceway of inner and outer rings is arc shape, can support radial load and combined load. This type bearings structure is simple and easy to be high precision; they have excellent performance in application of rotating rapidly.

SKET is one of the china professional manufacturers of  tapered roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings. Especially in big size tapered roller bearings and small size deep groove ball bearings, our prices are competitive in china bearing field. We are now looking forward to cooperating with overseas customers based on mutual benefits, hereby sincerely welcome friends around the world coming to establish business relationship with us. We will service you with lowest cost and high quality for ever.